Sarah Kankiewicz

Sarah Kankiewicz
Certified Lactation Educator

I am a wife to my husband Chris and a working mother of two. I breastfed my first child until she self weaned due to bottle flow preference until 6 months old and went on to pump for her until she was a year old. With my son I delved into research determined to do better for him and found myself in a lactation education class through ASU. Through this class I became a lactation educator and a member of CALCA. I'm proud to say I am still nursing him at 14 months old and pumping milk to donate to moms who are unable to provide for their babies. I now provide these services... to all moms.

Breastfeeding Services

In Home And On Site Visits

In hospital and in home birth breastfeeding initiation and follow up visits in the comfort of your home or hospital bed, no rushing to get to an appointment with your newborn!

Prenatal Visit

Performed before baby is born. Go over what to expect, tailored to your personal birth plan, cover returning to work/ pumping strategies and fit, talk about baby wearing.

Initial Visit

Performed on baby’s birthday. In some cases I can arrive 20- 60 minutes after birth to initiate breast feeding. Otherwise, I will be by later that day when we will practice good latch technique and feeding positions that work best for you and your baby. I am also looking for any potential medical conditions.

Three Day Old Visit

Preformed in home or at the hospital, depending on your baby’s birth. We will re assess latch and go over any questions or concerns. Day 3 is when your colostrum turns into milk so this visit is very important!

Post Discharge / Follow Up Visit

Generally at 5-10 days old. If you gave birth via cesarean section this is when you most likely will be discharged. Here we will again assess any latch problems and/or medical conditions that may have manifested since you returned home.

Additional Follow Up Visits

Performed as needed as mom sees fit. Can be in home or over the phone/text messages.

Breast Pump Fittings And Loans

Insures breastfeeding goals when outside of the home. There are so many brands, sizes, and types of pumps on the market now. Plus, the one the insurance company gives you may not be the right suction or fit for you. Let’s take a personal approach to this with a proper fitting and if needed a pump loan. If the pump works for you great! If not switch it out for something better for you!